Full-Arch Implant Surgery Fundamentals - Fixed & Removable

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Ho-Young Chung, DDS
Xavier Saab, DDS, MS

Course Date(s):   
March 24-25, 2023
Course Format:   Lecture & Hands-On
CE Hours:     12
Course Fee: $3450.00 

Zest LV Global Edu Center
4040 S Eastern Ave, Unit #330
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Course Abstract:

Interested in learning fundamentals of full-arch implant overdenture & fixed surgery? This course provides a step-by-step approach for diagnosis & treatment planning, preparing patients for surgery, alveoplasty, and implant placement for full-arch cases. Taught by real-world and wet-fingered clinicians, the lecture and hands-on components will include the foundation knowledge, treatment planning, and practical skills and allow the participants to apply implant surgical therapy to their everyday GP and specialist practice.

The goal of this course is for participants to confidently apply these skills to treat both the partially dentate and edentulous mandibular arches. The treatment of maxilla arches will be covered including the benefits and risks of treatment, case workup, and step-by-step clinical instruction. Also included are two unique hands-on experiences including essential and guided surgical step-by-step procedures, restorative attachment pick-up exercise, and a soft-tissue grafting and suturing workshop on pig jaws and ears. 

Learning Objectives:

Understand diagnosis, treatment planning, and case selection of implant overdenture options
Acquire knowledge and confidence in surgical procedures including implant placement and soft-tissue management for implant cases
Become experienced in prosthetic protocols of immediate loading of implant overdentures

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