Learn Denture Fundamentals & Step-by-Step Implant Dentures

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Joseph J. Massad, DDS
Samuel Strong, DDS
Ryan McCall, DDS
Len Conner, CDT

Course Date(s):   
February 17-18 2023
Course Format:   Lecture & Hands-On
CE Hours:     13
Course Fee: $2795.00 

Zest LV Global Edu Center
4040 S Eastern Ave, Unit #330
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Course Abstract:

Interested in learning fundamental denture and implant denture techniques? This exciting two-day course is taught by wet-fingered dentists who practice in busy denture practices teaching real-world clinical procedures. Learn diagnostic record making, interviewing and assessing denture patients, and bringing in more denture and implant patients to say yes to treatment. Impression procedures, record-making, and try-in procedures will be covered including how to make a bite, establish vertical dimension, and use the denture to guide implant placement. The course further goes into troubleshooting denture and implant denture problems, how to manage patients, and long-term strategies to build a denture practice. Clinical techniques are backed with simulated patient demonstrations from recorded techniques.

Hands-on techniques are reviewed including how to make final impressions, using wax-rims, working with denture teeth and modifying try-in prostheses, and delivering a denture prosthesis. Further, implant overdenture techniques are discussed and hands-on clinical procedures are reviewed including choosing abutment height, delivering abutments, making impressions, and maintenance protocols.

Learning Objectives:

Review simplified and practical concepts in removable and implant prosthesis today and define the advantages and disadvantages vs. past methods
Describe the clinical techniques in developing the final prosthesis for transitional and definitive cases
Learn fundamental denture techniques to assist in fabricating the implant overdenture prosthesis

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